Press Statement
Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
Washington, DC
August 12, 2010

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On behalf of President Obama and the people of the United States of America, I am delighted to send best wishes and congratulations to the people of Pakistan as you mark 63 years of independence.

Fatimah Jinnah once said that the story of Pakistan is a story of “the ideals of equality, fraternity, and social and economic justice.” Since gaining independence in 1947, the people of Pakistan have been writing that story, one day at a time. Together, you have overcome significant challenges. In just the past few weeks, Pakistanis and partners from many countries have worked to protect people and homes from the floods that swept through so many areas. The damage is serious, but I know Pakistan will rebuild.

And the Pakistani people will continue to write the story that began 63 years ago. As you do, please know that the people of the United States are committed to standing by you. We admire what you have accomplished since Independence. And we seek to support you as you build upon the ideals that inspired your nation from the start.

So on this occasion, let us reaffirm the partnership our nations share, the strong bonds that connect our people—bonds of family, friendship, history, and common purpose. And let us recommit to making the founding ideals of Pakistan – ideals of equality, fraternity, and social and economic justice – making them real. They helped give rise to Pakistan’s creation, they stand today as goals that we all hold dear, and they provide encouragement as you continue to build a strong, prosperous, progressive, stable, secure nation for the future. Here’s to the democracy of Pakistan and to the people who deserve all that you can build together, knowing that we and others will be there with you on this journey.

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