Jerry Lanier
U.S. Ambassador to Uganda
Kampala, Uganda
July 14, 2010

Ambassador Lanier delivers remarks on the current state in Uganda since the World Cup bombings:

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"We don't think there is a permanent danger here. We have not issued a particular travel advisory. We however do warn American citizens to stay away from crowded areas, particularly crowded insecure areas."

"At present we have three FBI people here from the region who are assisting with the investigation. We are likely to get some more. We are expecting that in the next few days or so."

"We believe the Uganda mission is more important than ever now. In fact the entire AMISOM mission, which is of course Uganda and Burundi, is more important because Al-Shabaab has shown a willingness to kill civilians outside of Somalia. This was, I think President Obama characterized it as a deplorable and cowardly act and we certainly agree with that and so we hope to increase our support as needed and as requested by the Ugandans."

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