Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs
December 8, 2009

The following organizations and individuals agree to work in partnership to achieve the goals of the Education, Culture, Sports and Media working group in the U.S.-Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission: the United States Olympic Committee; the National Hockey League; the Russian Olympic Committee; the Russian Ministry of Youth, Tourism, and Sports; U.S. Congressman Bill Delahunt; Russian Senator Vyacheslav Fetisov; and U.S. and Russian private sector representatives.


To expand the range of sports exchanges to create opportunities and programs for Russian and American youth.


Offer training camps, friendly competitions, and technical and methodical materials to supplement sports development


Ice Hockey
Beach Volleyball


  • Partners agree the audience for these initiatives will be boys and girls, ages 14-17.
  • The exchanges will be for a minimum of ten days, but not to exceed 20 days in length.
  • Selection of youth participants will be not based solely on athletic ability, but also an interest to experiencing, and contributing to, a cultural exchange between our two great countries.
  • Coaches will accompany each group and serve as chaperones.


The country sending the youth will pay for the air travel. The country hosting the youth will pay for the administration of the skills clinics or sports camps, and all accommodations and food for the visiting youth participants.


Summer 2010

  • 25 Russian youth to come to the U.S. for a basketball initiative.
  • 25 American youth to travel to Russia for a beach volleyball initiative
  • 25 Russian youth to the U.S. for a swimming initiative

Winter 2010

  • 25 American youth to Russia for an ice hockey initiative

Winter 2011

  • 25 Russia youth to the U.S. for an ice hockey initiative.

Total 125 youth

We will also have prominent athletes and coaches in the selected sports, on both the Russian and American side, accompany the youth groups. These athletes and coaches will serve as Sports Envoys who will conduct clinics for youth in the hosting country. These Envoys will help highlight the program and bring media attention to the initiative.


The Russian and American partners agree that at the next meeting of the Sports Working Group, in March 2011 in the United States, we will discuss an extended plan for the next 2-4 years that will include additional sports. At this time we will also discuss overall administration issues of the group structure and a calendar for upcoming youth sports exchanges for 2011.

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Judith McHale
U.S. Co-chair
Education, Culture, Sports and Media
Working Group
U.S.- Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission
Mikhail Shvydkoy
Russian Co-chair
Education, Culture, Sports and Media
Working Group
U.S.- Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission