Taken Question
Mark C. Toner
Acting Deputy Department Spokesman, Office of Press Relations
Washington, DC
July 6, 2010

Question: Does the U.S. support/acknowledge a Truth Commission set up and overseen by Human Rights Platform, a confederation of human rights organizations?

Answer: We are aware that the Honduras Human Rights Platform inaugurated the Alternate Truth Commission on June 28, 2010. We welcome any efforts to clarify the events before and after the June 28, 2009 coup d’état, including documenting the reported human rights abuses. We support the implementation of the Tegucigalpa-San Jose Accord, which called for the government resulting from the November 2009 elections to establish a Truth Commission to clarify what happened before and after the June 28, 2009 coup d’état,. The Truth Commission thus established was launched on May 4 and has begun its work. We hope the Alternative Truth Commission will collaborate with the Truth Commission established as a result of the Tegucigalpa-San Jose Accord.

PRN: 2010/895