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Term of Appointment: 10/04/2009 to present

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Patricia Newton Moller is a career diplomat currently serving as U.S. Ambassador to Guinea. She was nominated for her current assignment on July 7, 2009 and confirmed August 4, 2009. Prior to this assignment, Ambassador Moller served as ambassador to Burundi. Following ten years in investment banking, she joined the Department of State in 1987 as a Foreign Service officer.

In the course of her 22-year career she has served in five other overseas locations including in Munich, Germany, Chennai, India, Belgrade, Serbia, Yerevan, Armenia, and Tbilisi, Georgia. In Washington from 1991 – 1996, she served first as a watch officer, then as staff aide to the Assistant Secretary for Intelligence and Research, and later as Vietnam desk officer during the exciting days of bilateral negotiations to reestablish diplomatic ties between the two countries. Assigned to Belgrade from 1996 to 1999, worsening political crisis forced the Embassy to evacuate family members and some employees three times. On the morning of April 24, 1999, she, along with the Chief of Mission and other remaining Embassy officials, boarded a U.S. Navy jet to depart from Serbia. NATO bombing of the country began that night. From 2000 to 20002, she served as Deputy Chief of Mission in Yerevan, Armenia and from 2002 – 20005 as Deputy Chief of Mission in Tbilisi, Georgia. Nominated as Ambassador to the Republic of Burundi in October, 2005, she was confirmed in early 2006.

Ambassador Moller has three times received the Department’s Superior Honor Award and three times been granted a Senior Foreign Service Performance Award. In 2000, she was granted the Department of State’s Leamon R. Hunt Award for Administrative Excellence.

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