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  • US-India Strategic Dialogue
  • World Environment Day
  • Treaty on Open Skies Review Conference
  • General Assembly of the OAS
  • EU-US Statement on Counterterrorism
  • Certification of Iraqi Election Results
  • Hurricane Preparedness Workshop
  • 2010 Doors to Diplomacy Award Winners
  • White House Commission on Women
  • Briefing on Nuclear Nonproliferation Efforts and Iran
  • Obama Administration’s National Security Strategy
  • Secretary Clinton’s Remarks with Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
  • Hague Abduction Convention Compliance Report Sent to Congress


India: Indispensable Partner and Friend

"India is an indispensable partner and a trusted friend. We believe that a rising India is good for the United States and good for the world." - Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton (June 3, 2010)

WASHINGTON, DC, June 3 – Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Indian Minister of External Affairs S.M. Krishna delivered joint remarks following a meeting as part of the inaugural Strategic Dialogue between India and the United States. Secretary Clinton outlined the discussions that she and Minister Singh had on a wide range of common bilateral, regional, and global concerns, such as security, energy, the economy, food security and collaboration on science and technology.

Conversations with America: A Discussion on the US-India Strategic DialogueDate: 06/03/2010 Description: Conversations with America:  A Discussion on the U.S.-India Strategic Dialogue - State Dept Image
WASHINGTON, DC, June 8 – Ambassador Teresita Schaffer, Director of the South Asia Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, will hold a conversation with Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia, Affairs Robert Blake on the U.S.-India relations as a follow-up to the June 3 Strategic Dialogue at 9:30am EDT. The discussion will be moderated by Philip J. Crowley, Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs and streamed live on DipNote, the Department of State’s official blog. You can watch the video live HERE.

This feature is part of the new Conversations with America video series recently launched by the Bureau of Public Affairs in which the State Department's senior leadership hold monthly conversations live, online, with leaders of prominent non-governmental organizations to discuss foreign policy and global issues. These forums show how leaders from the foreign affairs community engage the Department on pressing foreign policy issues and how both the U.S. government and civil society are working across the globe on issues that concern Americans most.


Anniversary of the President’s Speech in Cairo

“Over the last year, we have worked hard to make progress on the difficult political and security challenges that the President addressed, and have delivered on many of the specific commitments the President cited – from science envoys and a technology fund to expanding exchanges, hosting an entrepreneurship summit, and partnering with the Organization of the Islamic Conference on polio eradication. However, these commitments were always just a beginning.” - Pradeep Ramamurthy, Senior Director for Global Engagement at the National Security Council (June 4, 2010)

WASHINGTON, DC, June 4 -- Pradeep Ramamurthy, Senior Director for Global Engagement at the National Security Council, discussed President Obama's June 4, 2009 speech in Cairo, Egypt, proposing a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world, based upon mutual interest and mutual respect. Read More

General Assembly of the Organization of American States
Date: 05/27/2010 Description: Carmen Lomellin - State Dept Image
WASHINGTON, DC, June 3 -- Ambassador Carmen Lomellin, U.S. Permanent Representative to the Organization of American States, discussed the upcoming General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS). Ambassador Lomellin said, “The OAS General Assembly, Organization of American States, meets annually in June. It’s a meeting of the foreign ministers and other high level dignitaries, where they discuss pertinent issues in the hemisphere and also give the mandates to the organization for the coming year. This year it will be held in Lima, Peru, June 6th-8th. The U.S. delegation will be headed up by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The theme of this year’s assembly is ’Peace, Security, and Cooperation in the Americas.’ A theme that is really very important to the interests of United States and of course to the entire region.” Ambassador Lomellin outlined some of the initiatives that the U.S. supports that relate to the theme and priorities at the OAS moving forward. Read More

Secretary Clinton to Travel to Latin America and the Caribbean Description: Regional map of Western Hemisphere Affairs.
WASHINGTON, DC, June 4 –Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs Arturo Valenzuela discussed Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s travel to Latin America and the Caribbean June 6-10. Secretary Clinton will lead the U.S. delegation to the Organization of American States’ General Assembly meeting in Lima, Peru. Secretary Clinton will also travel to Ecuador, Colombia, and Barbados for various consultations on foreign policy issues of mutual concern with those countries. Read More

Palestine Investment Conference Generates $655M in Pledges, Grants and Initiatives for Economic Development

WASHINGTON, DC, June 5 – Arab business leaders and members of the international community attended the Palestine Investment Conference (PIC) June 2-3 in Bethlehem. The U.S. Presidential Delegation was led by George Mitchell, Special Envoy for Middle East Peace.

France, Italy, and the United States pledged a combined $655M for the development of the Palestinian private sector. These funds will target high-growth sectors, including information and communication technology, housing, and tourism.

These PIC pledges aim to strengthen the Palestinian economy, support institution building, and lay the foundation for a future Palestinian state. The 2010 PIC was the second in a series of investment conferences that continue to generate positive momentum for Palestinian economic development.

Background Briefing on Nuclear Nonproliferation Efforts and Iran

WASHINGTON, DC, May 28 – Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs Philip J. Crowley and three Senior Administration Officials provided an update on what is happening with the draft Security Council resolution regarding Iran. The officials provided background information on why the United States, together with the P-5+1 and others, have been putting pressure on Iran to answer the international community’s questions about its nuclear program. The briefing aimed to put into context recent questions about how the resolution fits with the proposal that was made by the Vienna Group on October 1, 2009, regarding the Tehran research reactor and how these issues fit in with what Brazil and Turkey tried to accomplish in Tehran a few days ago. Read More

US Pavilion at Shanghai Expo: Gala DinnerDate: 05/22/2010 Location: Shanghai, China Description: Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton delivers a speech during a dinner at USA Pavilion at the World Expo site Saturday, May 22, 2010 in Shanghai, China.  © AP Image
SHANGHAI, CHINA, May 22 – Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton addressed a Gala Dinner at the Shanghai Expo’s US Pavilion. In her remarks, the Secretary underscored the importance of US participation in the expo, and cooperation between the United States and China on global issues.

Secretary Clinton said, “The shape of that future depends, to a significant degree, on the evolving relationship between the United States and China. If our relations are defined by win-win solutions rather than zero-sum rivalries, we will thrive and prosper together. Now, we may not always agree on every issue, but we should seek and seize opportunities such as this Expo to build greater understanding between our peoples.

This USA Pavilion embodies many of the qualities that make my country a vibrant and prosperous nation: innovation, sustainability, diversity, the free exchange of ideas. And it is a model of environmental responsibility. And I am proud to announce that the Pavilion will be carbon neutral for the entire duration of the Expo. 700,000 people have already visited this pavilion. And one of the most moving displays is the tribute to the millions of Chinese Americans who have contributed so much to the cultural and economic development of the United States.” Read More | Shanghai Expo Website


Secretary Clinton’s Remarks on the Obama Administration's National Security Strategy

Date: 05/27/2010 Description: Secretary Clinton speaks at the Brookings Institution on May 27, 2010 about the Administration's National Security Strategy. - State Dept Image

WASHINGTON, DC, May 27 – Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton discussed the recent release of the Obama Administration’s National Security Strategy at the Brookings Institution. The Secretary underscored that the national security strategy is about home, homeland security, national defense and foreign policy. Secretary Clinton said, “Our approach is to build the diverse sources of American power at home and to shape the global system so that it is more conducive to meeting our overriding objectives: security, prosperity, the explanation and spread of our values, and a just and sustainable international order.” Read More | National Security Strategy

Brookings Institution
Photo by Ralph Alswang.

U.S.-EU Statement on Counterterrorism
WASHINGTON, DC, June 3—The United States and the European Union released a joint declaration on counterterrorism cooperation. Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs Philip J. Crowley said, “We welcome the European Union Council of Ministers’ adoption of the joint U.S.-EU Statement on Counterterrorism. We and our partners in the EU are committed to working together to combat the threat of terrorism, bringing to that effort our common values of freedom and democracy, and our respect for international law, the rule of law, and human rights.” Read More

Certification of Iraqi Election Results
WASHINGTON, DC, June 1 -- Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton discussed the certification of the Iraqi election results. Secretary Clinton said, "I welcome today’s action by the Iraqi Federal Supreme Court certifying the results of the national election. Voter turnout in the March 7th vote was strong across Iraq’s 18 provinces. Iraq’s electoral commission and security forces successfully organized and carried out a credible and competitive election. Since then, the electoral commission has worked in a careful, professional way to bring the process to this concluding point. This experience demonstrates that Iraqis want to use the political process to choose their leaders and settle differences." Read More

Bureau of Consular Affairs Holds Hurricane Preparedness Workshop in Washington
WASHINGTON, DC, June 1--The Bureau of Consular Affairs, other U.S. government agencies and foreign embassies, held a hurricane preparedness workshop. The 2010 Atlantic Hurricane Season begins June 1 and ends November 30. Following the workshop, Michelle Bernier-Toth, Director of American Citizens Services and Crisis Management, took questions from the press. Read More

Remarks with Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf before Their Meeting
WASHINGTON, DC, May 27--Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with the President of Liberia Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in Washington. The leaders delivered joint remarks prior to their meeting. Secretary Clinton commended President Sirleaf for her leadership. Secretary Clinton said “…through her leadership in West Africa, playing a very important role in helping to deal with the problems that go beyond her borders but which affect her people.” Read More


World Environment Day
Washington, DC, June 5 –Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton joined the international community in commemorating World Environment Day. The 2010 theme ’Many species, one planet, one future‘stresses the urgency and scope of our shared responsibility. Secretary Clinton said, “This year's commemoration is more important than ever as we face unprecedented environmental challenges that threaten our planet’s natural resources and biodiversity.” Read More: Full Statement

White House Commission on Women
WASHINGTON, DC, May 28 -- The White House Commission on Women released a report that shows the Department of State’s efforts to promote women's empowerment and human rights around the world. The report breaks down the organization of various entities within the agency and how each is collaborating to reach important goals:

"The State Department is firmly committed to promoting women’s empowerment and human rights around the world. The Department’s main office for coordinating its policy and programs on issues affecting women and girls is the Office of Global Women’s Issues (S/GWI). S/GWI works with bureaus and offices within the Department and across the U.S. government to ensure that programs and initiatives related to combating violence against women and girls and for women’s political, economic, and social empowerment are efficiently and effectively deployed. In the multilateral sphere, S/GWI works with the U.S. Mission to the United Nations (USUN) to advance women’s rights, freedoms, and opportunities." Read More

Treaty on Open Skies Review Conference
WASHINGTON, DC, June 4 -- The United States is serving as the Chair of the Review Conference for the Treaty on Open Skies in Vienna, Austria, June 7-9, 2010. Rose Gottemoeller, Assistant Secretary of State for Verification, Compliance and Implementation, is leading the U.S. interagency delegation, which includes Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Celeste Wallander as co-Chair. The 34 State Parties to the Treaty, stretching from Vancouver in the west to Vladivostok in the east, will assess implementation of the Treaty during the previous five years and discuss future challenges and goals. Technology enhancements for the sensors and aircraft will be the primary focus of discussion. The Treaty is designed to enhance mutual understanding and confidence by giving all participants, regardless of size, a direct role in gathering and sharing information through aerial imaging of military forces and activities of concern to them. Read More

Date: 06/01/2010 Description: Abstract globe with red door and words US Department of State and Doors to Diplomacy encircling outer ring. - State Dept Image
Award Winners Announced

WASHINGTON, DC, June 1 -- The Department of State announced the selection of two winning websites for its 2010 Doors to Diplomacy Award, which is co-sponsored by Global SchoolNet. The awards recognize the web projects that best teach young people the importance of international affairs and diplomacy. Each student member of the two winning Doors to Diplomacy Award teams will receive a $2,000 scholarship. In addition, the winning coaches will each receive a $500 cash award.

2010 Doors to Diplomacy Winning Sites

The Silent Tsunami--Global Food Crisis, This site was built by a team from Taichung County, Taiwan. Its web project explores the problem of food shortages in various global contexts, as well as the cause of the food crisis and possible solutions.

Diplomacy Through Communication, This site, built by a team from Clinton, New York, promotes the idea of reaching diplomacy through awareness and understanding of other cultures and their differences. Read More: 2010 Doors to Diplomacy Award Winners

Hague Abduction Convention Compliance Report Sent to Congress
WASHINGTON, DC, May 21--The Department of State provided members of Congress with its 2010 Report on Compliance with the 1980 Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. As required by the legislation, the report details unresolved case brought under the Convention, and explains the Department of State’s efforts to expand and strengthen the Convention. The report also describes, for the first time ever, the performance of the U.S. Central Authority in implementing the Convention within the United States. The Department of States’ Office of Children’s Issues assumed this responsibility from the International Division of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in April 2008. During Fiscal Year 2009, the Office of Children’s Issues experienced a significant increase in the number of reported international parental child abduction cases. The Convention provides a civil mechanism for many parents who seek the return of their children, offering hope at a time when a family has been torn apart. To date, the United States partners with 68 other countries under the Convention. Read More

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