George Mitchell
Special Envoy for Middle East Peace
Cairo, Egypt
June 19, 2010

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Special Envoy Mitchell: "We are working urgently with Egypt, with Israel, with the Palestinian Authority and other international partners to develop new procedures for delivering more goods and assistance to Gaza while also increasing opportunity to the people of Gaza and preventing the importation of weapons into Gaza. The current arrangements are unsustainable and must be changed. For now we call on all parties to join us in encouraging responsible decisions by all sides and to avoid any unnecessary confrontations and to ensure the safety of all involved."

"The government of Israel has said that it intends to liberalise the system by which civilian goods enter Gaza, to expand the inflow of materials for civilian projects that are under international supervision, and to continue existing security procedures to prevent the inflow of weapons and war material. We welcome these statements. We look forward to the full implementation of these concepts."

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