Office of Civil Rights
June 1, 2010

Date: 06/01/2010 Description: 2010 LGBT Pride Month: Julie Chitty and Kendra Phillips - State Dept Image

Kendra Phillips is a USAID career Foreign Service officer in Population, Health and Nutrition. She currently is in Washington awaiting her next assignment as Director, Eastern Caribbean Regional HIV/AIDS Program in Barbados. She previously served as Deputy Director, Office of Health in USAID/India (2007-2010), and Director, Southern African Regional HIV/AIDS Program in USAID/South Africa (2003-2007).

Before USAID, Kendra had a 10-year health career in the U.S. She was Director of HIV Community Planning, Chicago Department of Health (1997-2001), Research Associate, Maternal and Child Health Enhanced Analytical Skills Program (2003-2007), and a Pediatric/HIV/AIDS Nurse (1988-2003). She also was a Peace Corps volunteer in Liberia, Africa (1985-1987). Kendra holds degrees in anthropology, nursing and public health.