Kurt M. Campbell
Assistant Secretary, Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs
Rangoon, Burma
May 11, 2010

AP SOUNDBITE of Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia Kurt Campbell

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"During various discussions with Burma's senior leadership, we have outlined a proposal for a credible dialogue, among all the stakeholders in Burma, that would allow all sides to enter into such a dialogue with dignity. Unfortunately, the regime has choose to move ahead unilaterally, without consultation from key stakeholders - towards elections planned for this year. As a direct result, what we have seen to date leads us to believe that these elections will lack international legitimacy. We urge the regime to take immediate steps to open the process in the time remaining before the elections."

"Finally, we have urged Burma's senior leadership to abide by its own commitment to fully comply with UN Security Council Resolution 1874. Recent developments call into question that commitment. I have asked the Burmese leadership to work with the United States, and others, to put into place a transparent process to assure the international community that Burma is abiding by its international commitments. Without such a process, the United States maintains the right to take independent action within the relevant frameworks established by the international community."

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