Fact Sheet
Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs
December 1, 2009

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Date: 12/01/2009 Description: Turkmenistan pie chart shows   Foreign Operations Appropriated Assistance FY 2009 by Objective.  Line graph shows  Total USG Assistance 1992-2008 (Millions) Total USG (solid) and FSA (dashed). Click for text version. - State Dept Image

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Turkmenistan FY09 USD Thousands
Total Accounts:
Assistance to Europe, Eurasia, and Central Asia (AEECA):
International Military Education and Training (IMET):
Nonproliferation, Anti-Terrorism, Demining, and Related Programs (NADR):
Foreign Military Financing (FMF):
Global Health and Child Survival (GHCS)$682

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FSA Annual Report:

U.S. Embassy, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan:

Flag of Turkmenistan is green field with a vertical red stripe near the hoist side, containing five tribal guls (designs used in producing carpets) stacked above two crossed olive branches; a white crescent moon and five white stars appear in the upper corner of the field just to the fly side of the red stripe.Foreign Operations Appropriated Assistance
FY 2008: $6.30M ($5.62 M FSA, $0.68M Other)
FY 2009: $8.88M ($7M FSA, $1.88 Other)

Assistance Goals: Turkmenistan’s development is only slowly progressing, and it is the goal of USG assistance to stimulate democratic institutional development, further moves toward a market economy, promote foreign direct investment, and assist in healthcare reform. Turkmenistan has the potential to be a key US partner in Central Asia, and has strategic resources, including geographical location, that could benefit a strong relationship in the future.

Areas of Focus (Foreign Operations Appropriated Assistance):

Peace and Security (PS): FY08 $1.62M; FY09 $1.48M

  • Enhance border security to limit proliferation of WMD material
  • Guide GOTX law enforcement and security officials in anti-terrorism programs
  • Support Ministry of Internal Affairs in updating and maintaining forensics regulations and procedures for criminal procedures

Governing Justly and Democratically (GJD): FY08 $2.09M; FY09 $3.02M

  • Strengthen capacity of various sectors of the Justice system to build rule of law and accountability
  • Increase opportunity for citizen participation in government, by promoting decentralization of several aspects of the GOTX
  • Focus on media freedom and awareness to strengthen access to public information

Investing in People (IIP): FY08 $2.09M; FY09 $2.40M

  • Support and improve safety and efficiency of medical practices and treatments
  • Work with GOTX to reconfigure teaching methods to a pedagogical rather than vocational style, on primary and secondary levels

Economic Growth (EG): FY08 $1.00M; FY09 $1.99 M

  • Build institutional capacity for budget planning and management
  • Promote financial sector reform as a key component of transition to free-market economy
  • Support development of market mechanisms and infrastructural reforms to best utilize natural resources

Recent Successes:

  • Trained Turkmen personnel in narcotics inspection and interdiction techniques, resulting in an increase in drug seizures at the Imam-Nazar border checkpoint.
  • Assisted in the distribution of 2,000 pamphlets on drug abuse, the first ever sanctioned public activities for drug demand reduction.
  • Provided small grants to 25 NGOs, including ten civic education projects that reached over 550 youth, and two projects that assisted people with disabilities.
  • Helped fund the Turkmen American Scholarship Program (TASP), which conducts a nationwide competition to select students to study at the American University of Central Asia (AUCA) and receive a Bachelor’s degree in an American-style university.

Graph Explanations:

Pie Chart: For estimated Fiscal Year 2008 thirty-one percent of U.S. assistance went to the objective of Investing In People (IIP), fifteen percent to Economic Growth (EG), twenty-three percent to Peace and Security (PS) and thirty-one percent to Governing Justly and Democratically (GJD).

The Line Graph covers U.S. assistance to Turkmenistan from 1992-2008:
  • In Fiscal Year 1992 0.48 Million dollars in Freedom Support Act (FSA) funds was given in assistance to Turkmenistan and total United States Government (USG) assistance was 14.71 Million dollars;
  • Fiscal Year 1993: FSA: 3.43 Million dollars; Total USG: 57.28 Million dollars;
  • Fiscal Year 1994: FSA: 11.35 Million dollars; Total USG: 22.38 Million dollars;
  • Fiscal Year 1995: FSA: 6.34 Million dollars; Total USG: 21.82 Million dollars;
  • Fiscal Year 1996: FSA: 3.75 Million dollars; Total USG: 25.33 Million dollars;
  • Fiscal Year 1997: FSA: 4.84 Million dollars; Total USG: 6.25 Million dollars;
  • Fiscal Year 1998: FSA: 6.74 Million dollars; Total USG: 8.94 Million dollars;
  • Fiscal Year 1999: FSA: 11.80 Million dollars; Total USG: 15.94 Million dollars;
  • Fiscal Year 2000: FSA: 6.20 Million dollars; Total USG: 10.91 Million dollars;
  • Fiscal Year 2001: FSA: 6.15 Million dollars; Total USG: 12.57 Million dollars;
  • Fiscal Year 2002: FSA: 12.04 Million dollars; Total USG: 18.94 Million dollars;
  • Fiscal Year 2003: FSA: 7.80 Million dollars; Total USG: 10.98 Million dollars;
  • Fiscal Year 2004: FSA: 5.69 Million dollars; Total USG: 10.42 Million dollars;
  • Fiscal Year 2005: FSA: 7.00 Million dollars; Total USG: 18.94 Million dollars;
  • Fiscal Year 2006: FSA: 4.94 Million dollars; Total USG: 10.44 Million dollars;
  • Fiscal Year 2007: FSA; 9.35 Million dollars; Total USG: 19.84 Million.
  • Fiscal Year 2008: FSA; 5.96 Million dollars; Total USG: 12.80 Million.