Fact Sheet
Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs
December 1, 2009

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Date: 12/01/2009 Description: Russia pie chart shows   Foreign Operations Appropriated Assistance FY 2009 by Objective.  Line graph shows  Total USG Assistance 1992-2008 (Millions) Total USG (solid) and FSA (dashed). Click for text version. - State Dept Image

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Russia FY09 USD Thousands
Total Accounts:
Assistance to Europe, Eurasia, and Central Asia (AEECA):
International Military Education and Training (IMET):
Nonproliferation, Anti-Terrorism, Demining, and Related Programs (NADR):
Global Health and Child Survival (GHCS):$9,296

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FSA Annual Report:

U.S. Embassy, Moscow, Russia: http://moscow.usembassy.gov/

Flag of Russia is three equal horizontal bands of white (top), blue, and red.Foreign Operations Appropriated Assistance
FY 2008: $68.21M ($63.61M FSA; $4.599M Other)
Estimated FY 2009: $70.50M ($60M FSA; $10.50M Other)

Assistance Goals: United States assistance to Russia is designed to encourage the Russian Federation to become a stable, democratic, and reliable partner for the United States in addressing crucial global issues. In support of this goal, United States assistance programs promote cooperation with Russia in areas of common interest while supporting organizations, institutions and activists that promote democracy and human rights in Russia’s challenging environment. Programs also encourage Russia to adopt policies and practices consistent with its responsibilities on the world stage and to apply the country’s vast resources and human capital to support these efforts. Other assistance works to limit proliferation of WMD material, to reform government institutions to conform more closely to international norms, and to address major health concerns, such as HIV/AIDS and drug-resistant TB.

Areas of Focus (Foreign Operations Appropriated Assistance):

Peace and Security (PS): FY08 $10.62M; FY09 $10.73M

  • Increase U.S.-Russia cooperation to combat transnational crime and terrorism
  • Collaborate on initiatives to combat trafficking in persons
  • Promote civilian alternatives for WMD scientists to limit further proliferation

Governing Justly and Democratically (GJD): FY08 $39.55M; FY09 $33.85M

  • Promote the development of an active and diverse civil society, including groups that advocate on behalf of citizen interests, promote government accountability, encourage analysis and debate of policy alternatives, and generally increase civic participation
  • Support independent media and increase access to information
  • Strengthen protections for and awareness of human rights standards.
  • Advance efforts to bolster rule of law, including by strengthening the independence of the justice system, and to fight corruption.
  • Promote decentralization and more transparent, accountable and participatory governance at the local level.

Investing in People (IIP): FY08 $17.65M; FY09 $25.41M

  • Limit the spread of infectious diseases by promoting adherence to international standards of care and educating the population about disease prevention.
  • Support initiatives to improve maternal health and to reduce infant and maternal mortality rates.
  • Contribute to child welfare reform and efforts to protect vulnerable populations.

Economic Growth (EG): FY08 $0.49M; FY09 $0.50M

  • Collaborate with the Russian Federal Forest Agency on areas of mutual interest, such as forestry management and climate change.
  • Help Russia improve practices for managing natural resources

Recent Successes:

  • Supported the development of independent TV by training over 600 independent regional TV companies and more than 11,000 TV professionals.
  • Helped 212 business associations to improve their advocacy skills and combat corruption.
  • Supported monitoring of regional elections by domestic organizations.
  • Partnered with local government institutions in St Petersburg and Orenburg to
  • improve care for people living with HIV/AIDS, reaching over 15,000 individuals.

Graph Explanations:

Pie Chart: For estimated Fiscal Year 2009 to Russia, eighteen percent of U.S. assistance went Peace and Security (PS), fifty-two percent to Governing Justly and Democratically (GJD), one percent to Economic Growth (EG), and twenty-nine percent to Investing in People (IIP)

The Bar Graph covers U.S. assistance to Russia from 1998-2008:

  • In Fiscal Year 1992: 150.03 Million dollars in Freedom Support Act (FSA) assistance was given to Russia; total United States Government (USG) assistance: 328.42 Million dollars
  • Fiscal Year 1993: FSA: 189.85 Million dollars; total USG: 1,452.44 Million dollars
  • Fiscal Year 1994: FSA: 1,284.38 Million dollars; total USG: 1,911.58 Million dollars
  • Fiscal Year 1995: FSA: 340.64 Million dollars; total USG: 566.91 dollars
  • Fiscal Year 1996: FSA:134.55 Million dollars; total USG: 492.15 Million dollars
  • Fiscal Year 1997: FSA: 91.81 Million dollars; total USG: 545.23 Million dollars
  • Fiscal Year 1998: FSA: 129.95 Million dollars; total USG: 596.73 Million dollars
  • Fiscal Year 1999: FSA: 177.57 Million dollars; total USG: 2,130.70 Million dollars
  • Fiscal Year 2000: FSA: 186.46 Million dollars; total USG: 1,053.47 Million dollars
  • Fiscal Year 2001: FSA: 163.64 Million dollars; total USG: 955.72 Million dollars
  • Fiscal Year 2002: FSA: 162.45 Million dollars; total USG: 1,014.54 Million dollars
  • Fiscal Year 2003: FSA: 144.36 Million dollars; total USG: 912.50 Million dollars
  • Fiscal Year 2004: FSA: 96.21 Million dollars; total USG: 944.67 Million dollars
  • Fiscal Year 2005: FSA: 90.73 Million dollars; total USG: 1,008.30 Million dollars
  • Fiscal Year 2006: FSA: 80.14 Million dollars; total USG: 982.79 Million dollars
  • Fiscal Year 2007: FSA: 58.45 Million dollars; total USG: 1,012.11 Million dollars
  • Fiscal Year 2008: FSA: 71.64 Million dollars; total USG: 878.22 Million dollars