Capricia Penavic Marshall
Chief of Protocol
Washington, DC
April 6, 2010

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Hello, I am Capricia Penavic Marshall, Chief of Protocol of the United States.

Protocol plays an active and critical role in today’s international relations. We are at the White House when a foreign Chief of State or Head of Government visits with President Obama, leading the way at the State Department when a foreign leader meets with Secretary Clinton and right here at your fingertips at

In the Office of the Chief of Protocol, we work to strengthen our bilateral relationships around the globe and advance the foreign policy goals of the Obama Administration by fostering an environment for successful diplomacy.

It is Protocol’s responsibility to extend appropriate hospitality to foreign missions and their visiting leaders, facilitate cultural exchanges with the diplomatic community and ensure our visitors’ time spent in the United States is positive and productive.

As the President’s primary liaison to the Diplomatic Corps, we have also launched a brand new outreach program to that community called “Diplomatic Partnerships”.

Established in 2009, “Diplomatic Partnerships” seeks to foster international goodwill and provide the Diplomatic Corps with greater insight and understanding of the United States’ people, customs and institutions through an exchange of ideas, cultures and traditions. “Diplomatic Partnerships” pursues this goal through implementing four unique programs: The “State of the Administration” speaker series, “Experience America”, “Cultural Exchange” events and “Diplomatic Partnership Roundtables”.

The “State of the Administration” speaker series allows the Diplomatic Corps to hear directly from Senior Obama Administration officials. “Experience America” gives Foreign Ambassadors the opportunity to travel outside of the Washington beltway to experience America up close and in person. “Cultural Exchange” events present new and creative opportunities for meaningful cultural exchanges with the diplomatic community. And finally, “Diplomatic Partnerships Roundtables” brings the Diplomatic Corps together in smaller groups to discuss regional issues or other mutual challenges with United States government officials.

So please explore our website to learn more about what we do and the world of Protocol. Thanks again for visiting.