Joint Statement
Christopher R. Hill
U.S. Ambassador to Iraq
General Ray Odierno
Baghdad, Iraq
April 5, 2010

The U.S. Embassy in Baghdad and USF-I express sympathies for the loss of life in yesterday's bombings, which resulted in numerous senseless fatalities, as well as scores of injured civilians. We especially deplore the targeting of foreign diplomatic missions in Baghdad, and express our solidarity with our diplomatic colleagues who are here to help the Iraqi people. Despite the ruthless killing of innocent Iraqis, we feel confident that the forward progress of Iraq will continue. Notwithstanding these attempts at intimidation, we believe Iraqis will not be deterred from working towards a stable, sovereign and self-reliant Iraq. And Iraq's friends will help them.

The Government of Iraq and a capable and well-prepared Iraq Security Force have the lead in investigating these incidents and are working diligently to prevent future attacks. We stand ready to provide support to the Government of Iraq and Iraqi Security Forces as requested, and in accordance with the Security Agreement.

The U.S. Embassy and USF-I strongly condemn yesterday's attacks against innocent civilians. The U.S. and the Iraqi Security Forces have worked tirelessly to combat terrorism and restore stability and relative peace in Iraq. Those responsible for these attacks seek to create chaos and uncertainty to prevent Iraqis from building a peaceful and prosperous society.