FACA Meeting – March 11, 2010

Work Group 2 – UPU’s Role in provision of international postal products and services

Schedules have prevented WG2 from meeting to discuss their interests. Therefore, the Chair proposes as follows:

It is proposed that in lieu of a report from WG2 that there be held a short meeting-wide discussion. The goal would be to assist WG2 and State to identify specific UPU-related issues (i) lying within the areas of interest of WG2, and (ii) on which WG2’s views will be helpful to State in representing the United States at the UPU to either oppose an action or to promote an action.

If a scroll bar appears below the following table, swipe the table to move left/right of the dashed line.
Addressing Possible resolutions/work on: global delivery point database; UPU requirement on address databases, Change of address systems; improvements to UAA management and handling.
Quality of service: measurement, analysis, publication of results Resolution on results publication. What else?
Reform of the UPU: organizational structure, participation, working methods Membership of UPU-intergovernmental only? Role of “wider sector”.
Financial services; international financial and standards organizations; regulation of postal financial services What is on the table at the UPU? What new products/services/expansion? Can we recommend/articulate limits that reflect US players’ concerns? Are there things that could be done at UPU that would benefit US players?

[This is a mobile copy of Work Group 2 Report]

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