1. Address Group – PostCom Chaira. Global Address Summit, April 23, 2010, UPU headquarters, Berne
b. Developing on-line library of documents and materials on the subject of the address
c. Promoting concept of one global address and COA database to be housed at UPU
d. Advocating for more study of postal practices regarding UAA
e. Possibly advocating new requirements for UAA handling and address validation schemes

2. Revenue Protection – PostCom Chaira. Surveyed UPU members regarding awareness of problem and interest in solutions
b. Developed materials to comprise revenue protection best practices drawn from businesses and posts world-wide
c. Book will be translated, published and distributed for free.
d. Developing materials on the subject for use in workshops and roundtables at regional meetings of posts, with additional goal of refining best practices book as a consequence

3. Reform of the Union and Strategic Planning – GEA Chaira. Monitoring meetings and debates on both subjects
b. Proposes topics and issues for discussion at CC plenary and MC meetings
c. Reports on meetings and proposes strategies and responses
d. Drafts, refines and submits position papers

4. Sustainability – UniPostal Chaira. Reports on developments in sustainability programs of posts and unions world-wide, assisting in sharing of ideas and program: carbon footprint, worker injury, AIDS

Charles A. Prescott
5 February 2010