Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
Treaty Room
Washington, DC
October 2, 2009

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SECRETARY CLINTON: Well, it’s a great honor to formally welcome the Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Countries. I have known the Secretary General for a number of years, and I look forward to working closely with him in my new position. And I’m personally delighted to have you here to and to welcome you.

SECRETARY GENERAL IHSANOGLU: Thank you, Madame. This is really a pleasure and honor for me personally and officially, and I would say this is the first encounter, official encounter, as Secretary General of OIC and Secretary of State of United States.

We have a long association, and I have been delighted to know Madame since 1996. And today, in my first visit, I would like to express that the Muslim world has appreciated President Obama’s Cairo speech, and that historical speech has created great expectations in the Muslim world, and particularly the six points he made reference to. And we in the OIC are ready to cooperate with the United States on the fulfillment of the dreams of the President and his ambitions towards the Muslim world. I personally feel that this is a great opening and that everybody has to cooperate to fulfill these dreams and ambitions.

SECRETARY CLINTON: Thank you, sir.



QUESTION: Madame Secretary – Madame Secretary on this day (inaudible) China, and you are celebrating this, and millions of people are celebrating around the globe and also millions are captive and then both in China and others are in the prison, and including (inaudible). What do you have to say (inaudible) specifically?
SECRETARY CLINTON: Well, we certainly recognized the 60th anniversary. It will not surprise you to know that we are deepening our relationship, but we have many concerns. We don’t agree with everything. But it was a historical recognition. Thank you.

QUESTION: Thank you, Madame Secretary.

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