October 1, 2009

In announcing that global partnerships will be among the Secretary of State’s highest priorities by appointing Ambassador Elizabeth Frawley Bagley as her Special Representative for Global Partnerships, Secretary Clinton declared that “the State Department is opening its doors to a new generation of public-private partnerships” with foundations, businesses, non-governmental organizations, universities, and faith communities through her new Global Partnership Initiative.

President Obama echoed these sentiments when he stated that “Around the world, even as we pursue a new era of engagement with other nations, we're embracing a broader engagement -- new partnerships between societies and citizens, community organizations, business, faith-based groups … In fact, this spirit of partnership is a defining feature of our foreign policy … That's how we'll confront the challenges of our time. This is how we will seize the promise of this moment in history. Standing together. Working together. And building together.”

Through the office of the Special Representative of Global Partnerships, the Department of State welcomes your input about lessons you have learned from existing global partnerships and/or your proposals for potential global partnerships with the Department of State. To submit this information, you will need to download this softwareand submit this form via e-mail to PartnershipProposals@state.gov. If you have any questions regarding this process, please do not hesitate to contact the Global Partnership Initiative at Partnerships@state.gov.