September 21, 2009 to September 30, 2009

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton was in New York City to attend the United Nations 64th General Assembly. While in New York, Secretary Clinton conducted a number of bilateral and multilateral meetings with her counterparts. Photos

-09/30/09 Opening Remarks on the Adoption of a UNSC Resolution to Combat Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict
-09/28/09 Remarks With Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu Before Their Meeting
-09/28/09 Remarks With Armenian Foreign Minister H.E. Edward Nalbandian After Their Meeting
-09/26/09 Briefing by Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Jeffrey Feltman
-09/26/09 Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) +3 Meeting
-09/26/09 Meeting of the United States, the Gulf Cooperation Council, Egypt, Jordan, and Iraq Concluding Statement by the Participating Foreign Ministers
-09/26/09 Secretary Clinton's Remarks at Food Security Event Co-Hosted With UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon During the UN General Assembly
-09/26/09 U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Carlos Pascual and Mexican Ambassador to the United States Arturo Sarukhan
-09/26/09 U.S. Secretary of State and UN Secretary-General Convene Global Leaders To Act on Underlying Causes of Hunger
-09/26/09 U.S.-Mexico High-Level Group Meeting
-09/25/09 Secretary Clinton's Interview With Harry Smith of Face the Nation
-09/25/09 Briefing by Chief of Staff and Counselor Cheryl Mills on Food Security
-09/25/09 Friends of Democratic Pakistan Summit Meeting Concluding Statement by the Co-Chairs
-09/25/09 Secretary Clinton's Opening Remarks at Combating Violence Against Girls Event
-09/25/09 Secretary Clinton's Remarks With Belgian Foreign Minister Yves Leterme
-09/25/09 Secretary Clinton's Remarks at the Clinton Global Initiative Closing Plenary
-09/25/09 Secretary Clinton and Foreign Minister Cannon Express Concern over Continued Detention of U.S. and Canadian Nationals in Iran
-09/24/09 Briefing by Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs P.J. Crowley
-09/24/09 Joint Statement by the Quartet
-09/24/09 Secretary Clinton's Remarks at Female Heads of State and Foreign Ministers Luncheon
-09/23/09 Background Briefing on Burma
-09/23/09 Secretary Clinton's Remarks at United Nations After P-5+1 Meeting
-09/22/09 Remarks at the Transatlantic Dinner
-09/22/09 Briefing by Special Envoy for Middle East Peace George Mitchell on the President's Trilateral Meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel and President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority
-09/22/09 Remarks by the President at Beginning of Trilateral Meeting With Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Abbas
-09/22/09 Secretary Clinton's Remarks at the Launch of Inter-American Social Protection Network (IASPN)
-09/21/09 Briefing on Monday's Events
-09/21/09 Secretary Clinton's Interview With Margaret Warner of the NewsHour With Jim Lehrer
-09/21/09 Korean Bilateral Meeting and Preview of the Japan Bilateral and Japan-Australia Trilateral Meetings
-09/21/09 Secretary Clinton's Remarks With Costa Rican President Oscar Arias Sanchez and Costa Rican Foreign Minister Bruno Stagno Ugarte
-09/21/09 Secretary Clinton's Remarks With Japanese Foreign Minister Katsuya Okada
-09/21/09 Czech and Georgian Bilateral Meetings
-09/21/09 Secretary Clinton's Remarks With Czech Foreign Minister Kohout At Camera Spray Before Their Meeting
-09/21/09 Secretary Clinton's Remarks With Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili At Camera Spray Before Their Meeting
-09/21/09 Remarks With NYSE CEO at Signing of Guest Book at the NYSE Before Ringing the Opening Bell
-09/18/09 Secretary Clinton's Speech in Advance of the United Nations General Assembly

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