Susan E. Rice
Permanent Representative to the United Nations
Remarks to the media following a Security Council Stakeout
New York City
June 9, 2009


Ambassador: Good afternoon. You’ve already heard from Ambassador Takasu. We continue to engage in intense and productive negotiations. We’re making progress, but we’re not done yet. So that’s in a nut shell where we are. I’ll take a couple.

Reporter: How close are you, a matter of hours? Days?

Ambassador: I don’t think it’s wise or prudent to predict that.

Reporter: What’s the hold up?

Ambassador: We’re all working through a large set of very complex difficult issues, and this is a very technical endeavor. We’re consulting amongst each other and with our capitals and we’ll get it done as soon as we can get it done.

Reporter: Madame Ambassador, would you say that you’re close, very close? This is two weeks after, for people who have intense interest on this…

Ambassador: I think I’ve characterized it as best I could.

Reporter: (interrupts) You said progress, but…

Ambassador: We continue to make progress. I am hopeful that this will be concluded relatively soon, but I can’t give you a more specific prediction than that. Thank you all.

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