June 4, 2009

Resolution C 16/2008

Management of the work of the Union – Further reform of the UPU


that since the 1989 Washington Congress, the Union has been making efforts to keep its mission, structure and working methods constantly under review to adapt itself in the rapidly changing postal environment and to reflect the interest of its member countries and all players in the postal sector,

that the 1994 Seoul Congress put in place the current structure of the Union, subsequently creat­ing the Consultative Committee under the purview of the Council of Administration as a frame­work for effective dialogue between stakeholders at the 2004 Bucharest Congress,

that most member countries have undergone postal sector reform,

the need to continue the Union reform process with a view to adapting to shifting requirements in a rapidly changing environment which affects the Union and its members, as stated in resolution C 54/2004 of the Bucharest Congress,

Recognizing with appreciation
the work carried out by the Structure and Constituency of the Union Project Group and Committee 1 of the Council of Administration concerning the continuing reform of the Union,

Also recognizing
the work accomplished by the Acts of the Union Project Group to introduce greater precision in the Acts through the expanded use of definitions of the terms "member country" and "designated operator" in place of the term "postal administration",

the need to further define and more clearly distinguish the proper role of these entities under the Acts and all players within the Union, and to improve its structure and the organization of its work in order to better address a variety of the Union's issues – governmental, legal and regulatory, economic, operational and technical – which have become more and more complex,

Taking into consideration
the vision defined in the Nairobi Postal Strategy of the postal sector as an essential component of the global economy with the three-dimensional strategic direction of the Union – whether in terms of the three aspects of interconnection, development and governance or of the three elements of the worldwide network – physical, electronic and financial,

Keeping in mind
that the Universal Postal Union is an intergovernmental organization and one of the specialized agencies of the United Nations system,


the Council of Administration to establish a working group composed of 10 members of the Council of Administration, 10 members of the Postal Operations Council and the Chairman of the Consultative Committee, with fair regard to geographical representation and level of economic development, which will be responsible for:

– conducting a study on the impact of new market players in the postal sector on the Union and its mission and activities;

– studying possible adjustments to the mission of the Union contained in the preamble to the Constitution, including the practical impact, if any, on the Union's status as a UN specialized agency;

– studying ways to better structure and improve the functioning of Union bodies, with a view to facilitating implementation of the strategy, improve the efficiency of the decision-making processes and working methods of Union bodies, and study how to make optimum use of resources;

– studying various issues relating to the organization and financing of Union extrabudgetary activities;

– studying the role of the Restricted Unions in order to maximize existing synergies, thus improving global performance;

– reporting on the progress of work and presenting recommendations to the Council of Administration based on the results of the studies,

Also instructs

the Council of Administration:

– to establish the rules of procedure of the working group and designate its Chairman from among the 10 CA members;

– to formulate proposals for reform, based on the working group's recommendation, for submission to the 25th Congress,


the Postal Operations Council to designate its representatives for participating in the study on reform,


member countries to participate actively in Union reform activities by providing as much input and as many new ideas as possible, to enable the Union to adapt to the rapidly changing and dynamic environment in order to respond effectively to the needs of its membership and maintain its lead­ership in postal services worldwide.

(Proposal 60, 5th plenary meeting)