June 4, 2009

Interest expressed by Advisory Committee members to serve on Work Groups (Subcommittees)

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Work Group 1: PAEA and U.S. policies towards current and proposed UPU Acts Work Group 2: UPU's role in provision of international postal products and services
Work Group 3: Changing global market for international delivery services
Jim Campbell Maynard Benjamin Jody Berenblatt (Co-Chair)
Michael Coughlin Jody Berenblatt Jim Campbell
Gene Del Polito (Chairman) Charlie Bravo Juan Ianni
Lea Emerson Tom Leavey Sue Presti
Ann Fisher Steve Lopez Brad Smith
Charles Prescott Charles Prescott (Chairman) Paul Smith
Sue Presti Brad Smith Don Soifer (Co-Chair)
Bob Reisner Nancy Sparks
Dennis Shea

Nancy Sparks