Richard Holbrooke
Assistant Secretary for Afghanistan and Pakistan
Islamabad, DC, Pakistan
June 5, 2009

But the one thing that is very important, is that as the ISAF forces operate in the areas near the Pakistan border, that the impact on Pakistan be taken into account at all times, and that the Pakistani security forces are properly aware of what the military operations are, so they can do what is necessary to protect their border.

There seems to have been a turning of the corner in terms of attitudes within this country towards the militants, the miscreants. You all have reported it yourself. Secondly the military has taken the offensive and that is also turning a corner. But I stress and I need to underscore this again, that the test of this policy is whether the refugees can go home, go home quickly and return to their normal lives, and that is going to be a large international, it has to be a large internationally supported reconstruction effort.