Susan E. Rice
Permanent Representative to the United Nations
Remarks to the media following a Security Council stakeout
New York City
May 26, 2009


Ambassador Rice: Good evening. I’m just going to give you a brief update on behalf of our colleagues. We had a very good, productive initial discussion about the elements of a perspective resolution. These were very serious, concrete talks. This is only a first step. Our discussions and our deliberations will indeed take some time. We are thinking through complicated issues that require very careful consideration. We are in agreement the goals of the resolution. We share a common set of objectives which are to convey very clearly and unequivocally that the actions by North Korea run counter to the interest of regional peace and security, violate international law, and need to be dealt with directly and seriously. So we are working on that basis, its as I said it is going to take some time, but we had a very good session, and I think we are off to a very good start.

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