Office of Civil Rights
Washington, DC
May 2009

Date: 04/29/2009 Description: Asian Pacific Heritage Month, 2009: Krishna Das State Dept PhotoKrishna Das has been a Diplomatic Courier in the Bureau of Diplomatic Security since July 2007. He is based in the Washington Courier Office.

Mr. Das is originally from India. He studied Economics at St. Xavier's College and came to the United States for graduate school. He completed his MBA and, after working in corporate America, went on to receive an MA in Higher Education from the University of Iowa. Mr. Das worked for the University of Iowa and Iowa State University as an International Advisor and Statewide Coordinator. He has also worked as a CBP Officer with the Department of Homeland Security.

Of his job, he says: ‘We, in the Courier Service, are like one family. We interact with almost all sections within the State Department and help propel the wheels in motion. It is the best job I have ever had in my life - there is not a single dull moment working as a Diplomatic Courier. I continue to enjoy all the wonderful things this job offers on a daily basis. The camaraderie, colleagues, and leadership within the Courier Service and DS have made me feel blessed. I feel privileged that I am part of such a wonderful agency as the Diplomatic Courier Service that has entrusted me, and others like me, with the honored task of helping further the Department’s mission of global diplomacy’.

Mr. Das considers Iowa City home and is a true Hawkeye at heart! Though assimilated, he still enjoys watching an occasional game of cricket, along with a strong cup of Indian 'CHAI'.