Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
Treaty Room
Washington, DC
April 8, 2009

Date: 04/08/2009 Description: Remarks by Secretary Clinton and Lebanese Defense Minister Elias Murr before their meeting. State Dept Photo
Well, I am very pleased to welcome Defense Minister Murr from Lebanon to the State Department. He has been in Washington for the last several days speaking with a number of officials. It is very important that the United States stand firmly and strongly on behalf of Lebanese democracy. We are very supportive of what the Lebanese Government is doing in its efforts to make sure that the upcoming elections are free and fair.

And we are very encouraged by the efforts that the Lebanese Government has been making to comply with international obligations and to continue to make progress on a whole range of issues which I’m looking forward to discussing with the defense minister.

DEFENSE MINISTER MURR: Thank you. I want to thank Mrs. Clinton for receiving me, for the backup that the State of Department and the U.S. Administration is giving to Lebanon, to the Government of Lebanon, and to the Lebanese army. And I hope that for the next coming time, the U.S. policy – and this is what I heard, and I can confirm it today – the U.S. policy will remain the same concerning Lebanon. Thank you.

SECRETARY CLINTON: Thank you all very much.

# # #

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