Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
Treaty Room
Washington, DC
April 6, 2009

Date: 04/06/2009 Description: Secretary Clinton with Uruguayan Foreign Minister Gonzalo Fernandez before their meeting. State Dept Photo SECRETARY CLINTON: Well, it’s a great privilege to welcome the Uruguayan foreign minister here this afternoon. Of course, he’s here because of the important conference on the Antarctica and the Arctic. Uruguay has a lot of interests in the Antarctica area. But also, this is an opportunity for us to discuss matters of bilateral and regional concern. Uruguay is a country with whom we have a lot of shared values. It’s also a country that has shown progressive leadership on a number of important matters. And we’ll discuss those as well as the upcoming Summit of the Americas.

So, Minister, welcome.

FOREIGN MINISTER FERNANDEZ: Well, thank you very much. It’s a very pleasure and an honor to be here and to profit from our visit to have a first meeting with Madame Secretary of State. Effectively, we will discuss regional and bilateral issues in the mark of a good and very consultative relationship between our both countries.

SECRETARY CLINTON: Good. Thank you very much.

# # #

PRN: 2009/289