Women's History Month, 2009: Nancy Carter-Foster

Nancy Carter-Foster is Senior Advisor for Health Affairs for the U.S. Department of State in the office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Science and Health. She is responsible for identifying emerging health issues and making policy recommendations for foreign policy concerns regarding international health. Ms. Carter-Foster is the Department’s liaison on the National Biosurveillance Integration System, having worked on its creation from concept to development, following twelve years of experience in infectious disease and biosurveillance issues.

Ms. Carter-Foster has served as Head of Delegation and primary U.S. negotiator in multilateral fora for global health issues, including the Global Fund for HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria at its creation; for women’s issues and women’s health; as well as infectious diseases writ large. As U.S. Coordinator for Population Affairs, she led the U.S. Government preparations and was the U.S. Head of Delegation for the Beijing Women’s Conference Preparatory Meetings, and for the United Nations Preparatory meetings on Population and Development. She was U.S. Negotiator for Population, Women’s Issues and Health for the UN Conference on Environment and Development (the Rio Conference, 1992).

She is the Department’s representative for obesity and international diabetes issues, and has worked on a wide variety of health, trade and environmental issues, amassing in-depth knowledge and experience in policy development, program implementation and project management and oversite.

Ms. Carter-Foster currently chairs the Interagency Roundtable on Global Road Safety, working with the full gamut of domestic agencies, international and private sector interests on health and transportation.