Office of Civil Rights
Washington, DC
March 2009

 Description: Photo of Colleen Hope, Director, Office of Electronic Information and Publications

Colleen Hope joined the State Department in 1975 as a part-time clerk-typist while she attended graduate school at George Washington University (GWU). The following year, she received her M.A. from GWU's School of Public and International Affairs. She also became the Assistant Editor of the Department of State Bulletin of foreign policy in the Bureau of Public Affairs. She advanced in that bureau to become Director of the Office of Electronic Information.

Ms. Hope has managed major changes in information dissemination, from the introduction of desktop publishing to electronic publishing and the creation and ongoing upgrades of the website. She has received a number of Superior and Meritorious Honor Awards for her accomplishments in both print and electronic information dissemination.

She is a member of the Federal Web Manager’s Council and Executive Women @ State.