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January 3, 2014

Date: 01/03/2014 Description: AERO Common Core Plus Logo - State Dept Image

AERO Common Core Plus
at Madeira School
Mathematics Institute

June 15-20, 2014

The Mathematics Institute is designed to increase the capacity of teachers to lead improvements in the teaching of mathematics in their schoolsby developing a deeper understanding of the vision for teaching and learning outlined in the AERO Common Core Standards. The goals of the institute are that participants will increase their understanding of:

  • The mathematical content and skills contained in the AERO Framework: Common Core Plus
  • How mathmatical conceptual understanding, knowledge, and skills build from year to year
  • Which areas of mathematics are most critical to student learning at each grade level
  • How best to teach and assess students so that they become mathematically proficient

Institute participants will:

  • Review and interpret the AERO standards, Common Core standards, and International Benchmarking by analyzing the relationship among them
  • Investigate how mathematical conceptual understanding, knowledge, and skills build from grade level to grade level
  • Examine the critical areas of instruction at each grade level and discuss strategies for ensuring student proficiency in these areas
  • Analyze the mathematical practices and consider ways to include in daily instruction
  • Review and critique existing standards-based units and their components, modifying them for the learning needs of your classroom
  • Review depth of knowledge (Webb's D.O.K.) levels for the standards and critique assessments to determine what level of rigor they require
  • Explore how to use standards-based formative and summative assessment to make instructional decisions
  • Explore the workshop model for teaching mathematics and differentiating instruction

Participants may choose to take this course for university credit from the State University of New York at Buffalo. Applications will be available in the spring. For course participants earning university credit, the cost is $500. (For participants who are not earning university credit, there is no charge for the workshop.)

This workshop will be limited to 20 participants. Preference will be given to schools sending two person teams although individuals will be considered as well. All participants are asked to bring summative assessments with at least 3 samples of student work for each of those assessments.

Please send or fax the completed registration form by March 3, 2014

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