February 15, 2009 to February 22, 2009

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In her first trip abroad since taking office, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton traveled to Asia, departing Washington, DC on February 15. Secretary Clinton visited Japan (February 16-18), Indonesia (February 18-19), the Republic of Korea (February 19-20), and China (February 20-22).

In all capitals, Secretary Clinton discussed common approaches to the challenges facing the international community, including the financial markets turmoil, humanitarian issues, security and climate change.

In Tokyo, Secretary Clinton met with senior Japanese officials for discussions on the strategic bilateral alliance and cooperation with Japan on regional and global issues. The Secretary then traveled to Jakarta to hold consultations with senior Indonesian officials to discuss the close and growing partnership with Indonesia and perspectives on common interests in Southeast Asia.

In Seoul, Secretary Clinton met with senior leaders to discuss our expanding global cooperative partnership with our ally, the Republic of Korea.

The Secretary concluded her trip in China where she met with senior officials in Beijing to further develop a positive, cooperative relationship between the United States and the People’s Republic of China.

--02/22/09 Online Chat Hosted by China Daily: The U.S. and China Working Toward Clean Energy
--02/22/09 Dragon TV Interview: Developing a Comprehensive, Integrated Dialogue With China
--02/21/09 Dialogue on U.S.-China Partnership on Clean Energy
--02/21/09 Remarks With Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi
--02/20/09 Press Roundtable: Working Toward Change in Perceptions of U.S. Engagement Around the World
--02/20/09 Korean Journalist Roundtable: Toward a More Comprehensive Strategic Relationship With South Korea
--02/20/09 Town Hall Meeting at Ewha Women's University: Women's Empowerment Is Key To Progress
--02/20/09 CNN Interview: Reengaging North Korea in the Six-Party Talks
--02/20/09 Fox News Interview: North Korea and the Six-Party Talks
--02/20/09 Appointment of Ambassador Stephen Bosworth as Special Representative for North Korea Policy
--02/20/09 Remarks With South Korean Foreign Minister Yu: The U.S. and South Korea Working Together on Regional and Global Issues
--02/19/09 Briefing En Route Seoul, South Korea: Putting the Elements of Smart Power Into Practice
--02/19/09 Interview With Luna Maya and Isyana Bagoes Oka of Dahsyat
--02/19/09 Indonesian Journalists Roundtable: Expanding the U.S.-Indonesian Dialogue
--02/18/09 Indonesian Civil Society Dinner: The Role of Civil Society in Building a Stronger, More Peaceful World
--02/18/09 Remarks With ASEAN Secretary General Pitsuwa: Beginning a New Era of Diplomacy in Asia
--02/18/09 Remarks With Indonesian Foreign Minister Wirajuda: Developing a Comprehensive Partnership With Indonesia
--02/17/09 Yomiuri Shimbun Interview: The Importance of U.S.-Japan Relations
--02/17/09 Asahi Shimbun Interview: U.S. and Japan Working in Partnership on Regional Issues
--02/17/09 Town Hall Meeting at the University of Tokyo: The U.S. and Japan Helping To Chart New Courses
--02/17/09 Fuji TV Interview: U.S. Values Relationship With Japan
--02/17/09 NHK Interview: U.S.-Japan Cooperation on Global Issues
--02/17/09 CBS Interview: The Secretary's Trip to Asia
--02/17/09 NBC Interview: U.S.-Japan Cooperation Essential for Global Recovery
--02/17/09 ABC Interview: U.S., Japan Work Together for Global Recovery
--02/17/09 Remarks With Japanese Foreign Minister Hirofumi Nakasone
--02/16/09 Remarks Upon Arrival in Japan: The U.S. and Japan Collaborating To Address Global Concerns
--02/16/09 Assistant Secretary Hill's Preview in Japan of Secretary Clinton's Travel to Asia
--02/15/09 Overview of Trip to Asia
--02/15/09 Assistant Secretary Hill on the Current Situation in the Six Parties
--02/15/09 Assistant Secretary Hill's Preview in South Korea of Secretary Clinton's Travel to Asia
--02/14/09 Assistant Secretary Hill's Update on the Six-Party Process
--02/13/09 Preview of Upcoming Trip to Asia
--02/13/09 Secretary Clinton At the Asia Society

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