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Term of Appointment: 07/16/2008 to present

This biography is no longer current; at present, no other official Department of State biographical information is available.

Donald Teitelbaum was nominated by President Bush on March 5, 2008 to be the next Ambassador to Ghana. Ambassador Teitelbaum was sworn in on July 16, 2008. He will present his credentials at post in August.

Donald Teitelbaum recently served in Pretoria, South Africa as Deputy Chief of Mission. He served as Chargé d’Affaires from late August 2005 after the departure of Ambassador Jendayi Frazer, until the July 27, 2006 arrival of Ambassador Eric M. Bost.

Ambassador Teitelbaum joined the Foreign Service in October 1985 and previously served at U.S. Missions in the Dominican Republic, Guyana, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan, Lebanon and Uganda. Prior to arriving in South Africa, Ambassador Teitelbaum was a Director of African Affairs at the National Security Council in Washington, D.C.

Ambassador Teitelbaum’s foreign language skills include Arabic and Spanish. He received a B.A. in foreign affairs from the University of Virginia in 1985.

Ambassador Teitelbaum’s professional recognitions include a variety of individual and group awards including the Superior Honor Award, Meritorious Honor Award, and the Award for Valor.

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