-08/06/15 Ten Things You Should Know About the State Department
-07/13/15 General Licensing for Communications

-06/05/14 Facing a Global Challenge: Combatting Substandard and Counterfeit Drugs
-02/12/14 The State Department Means Business: How the Department Promotes Prosperity at Home and Abroad

-09/13/13 Postharvest Loss Ideation Jam: An Overview
-09/10/13 U.S. Assistance to Coffee Rust-Affected Countries; Office of the Spokesperson
-05/24/13 Direct Line for American Business: Market Information U.S. Business Can Use
-02/12/13 Combating Postharvest Loss in the Fight Against Global Hunger

-09/28/12 Iran Sanctions Contained in the Iran Threat Reduction and Syria Human Rights Act (ITRSHRA)
-09/10/12 Corporate Social Responsibility: The OECD Guidelines and the U.S. National Contact Point
-08/23/12 Corporate Social Responsibility
-08/01/12 Fast Facts on United States Submitting Initial Proposals to World Telecom Conference
-07/13/12 U.S. Economic Engagement with ASEAN; Office of the Spokesperson
-07/12/12 Increasing Sanctions Against Iran; Office of the Spokesperson
-06/14/12 Global Economic Statecraft Day; Office of the Spokesperson
-06/13/12 Nonproliferation and Economic Statecraft; Office of the Spokesperson
-06/07/12 U.S.-North Africa Partnership For Economic Opportunity: Locally Driven Partnerships That Build Prosperity
-05/25/12 2012 OECD Ministerial
-05/18/12 G8 Action on Food Security and Nutrition
-05/16/12 Secretary Clinton Acts on Policy Recommendations Developed by Civil Society; Office of the Spokesperson
-05/04/12 The U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue, Rounds I-IV Strategic Track Outcomes; Office of the Spokesperson
-04/20/12 Model Bilateral Investment Treaty; Office of the Spokesperson
-04/13/12 Women's Entrepreneurship in the Americas (WEAmericas); Office of the Spokesperson
-03/27/12 Partnership for Growth
-03/23/12 Open Skies Treaty; Office of the Spokesperson
-03/19/12 Corporate Social Responsibility Team
-02/29/12 Secretary Clinton Praises the Work of the Local Advisory Boards for the U.S. in Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria; Office of the Spokesperson
-02/21/12 The State Department: Jobs Diplomacy; Office of the Spokesperson
-02/16/12 Economic Statecraft: U.S. Foreign Policy in an Age of Economic Power
-01/27/12 Domestic Finance for Development (DF4D): Helping Developing Countries Fund Their Own Development
-01/19/12 Corporate Social Responsibility: The OECD Guidelines and the U.S. National Contact Point
-01/16/12 U.S. - Maghreb Entrepreneurship Conference, January 16-18, 2012; Office of the Spokesperson
-01/12/12 Three Companies Sanctioned Under the Amended Iran Sanctions Act

-12/08/11 United States Department of State: Realignment of "E" Responsibilities; Office of the Spokesperson
-11/25/11 Energy-Related Sanctions Under Executive Order (E.O.) 13590
-11/16/11 The State Department's New Bureau of Energy Resources: Shaping America's Global Energy Policy
-11/15/11 Public-Private Alliance for Responsible Minerals Trade; Office of the Spokesperson
-11/03/11 Partnership for Growth: El Salvador 2011-2015
-10/26/11 U.S.-North Africa Partnership for Economic Opportunity Entrepreneurship Delegation
-10/20/11 Free Trade Agreements - Benefits to the U.S.: Creating Jobs and Overseas Market Access
-10/05/11 2011 Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas Ministerial Meeting
-09/16/11 Corporate Social Responsibility
-07/19/11 Advancing Our Shared Interests in Asia; Office of the Spokesperson
-07/19/11 Prosperity; Office of the Spokesperson
-07/19/11 U.S.-India Partnership to Advance Clean Energy, Energy Security and Climate Change; Office of the Spokesperson
-06/20/11 Advancing U.S.-Central American Energy Cooperation; Office of the Spokesperson
-06/10/11 2011 African Women's Entrepreneurship Program (AWEP) Conference; Office of the Spokesperson
-06/03/11 Doing Business in Iraq
-06/02/11 Colombia: A Key Partnership
-05/26/11 OECD 50th Anniversary Ministerial Council Meeting, May 2011 -- Key Deliverables; Office of the Spokesman
-05/26/11 OECD Center for African Public Debt Management; Office of the Spokesman
-05/26/11 OECD Gender Initiative; Office of the Spokesman
-05/26/11 OECD Green Growth Strategy; Office of the Spokesman
-05/26/11 OECD Strategy on Development Framework; Office of the Spokesman
-05/26/11 Updated OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises; Office of the Spokesman
-03/29/11 Open Skies Partnerships: Expanding the Benefits of Freer Commercial Aviation
-03/11/11 Selection of the Next Executive Director of the International Energy Agency

-12/17/10 Palestinian Information Communications Technology Capacity Building Initiative; Office of the Spokesman
-12/17/10 The Secretary of State's Award for Corporate Excellence
-12/01/10 U.S.-North Africa Partnership for Economic Opportunity
-11/09/10 Global Entrepreneurship Program
-10/20/10 U.S. - Maghreb Entrepreneurship Conference: December 1-2, 2010
-09/30/10 Companies Reducing Energy-related Business with Iran; Office of the Spokesman
-09/24/10 The U.S. Record on Financing for Development in 2009
-09/14/10 1,000 Days: Change a Life, Change the Future
-08/27/10 U.S.-Maghreb Entrepreneurship Conference Rescheduled to December 1-2, 2010 in Algiers
-08/09/10 U.S. Efforts To Combat Online Child Exploitation
-07/21/10 Promoting African Business Women: The African Women's Entrepreneurship Program
-07/19/10 The United States Announces New Support for Pakistan's Agriculture; Office of the Spokesman
-07/19/10 The United States Announces Phase II of the Signature Energy Program for Pakistan; Office of the Spokesman
-06/30/10 USA Pavilion Succeeds on Multiple Fronts
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-05/23/10 Secretary Clinton Highlights Importance of American Exports to Overseas Markets During Visit to Boeing Maintenance Facility in Shanghai, China
-03/24/10 The National Export Initiative: Stimulating Global Economic Growth Through U.S. Exports
-01/12/10 Secretary Clinton's Address Caps Year of U.S. Engagement and Leadership in Asia-Pacific; Office of the Spokesman

-10/06/09 The State Department, Open Investment, and American Jobs
-10/02/09 Global Hunger and Food Security
-07/07/09 The U.S. Commitment to Development
-06/10/09 One Table: Advancing Agriculture to End Hunger
-03/30/09 2008 U.S. Official Development Assistance; Bureau of Public Affairs, Office of the Spokesman
-01/30/09 Open Skies Agreement Highlights

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