DMV Program
-Driver Services
-Financial Responsibility
-Moving Violations
-Registration and Titling

General Information
-Consultations v4n2
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-Vienna Conventions (VCDR & VCCR)
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Customs Program
-Blanket Requests for Clearance of Foreign Government Owned Equipment
-Categories Constituting a Shipment
-Customs Duty Free Importation
-Customs Request Checklist
-Diplomatic Note 1504 Supplement
-Items Imported for Official Use
-Refund of Duty
-Request for Clearance of Shipments

Regional Offices
New York

Tax Program
Gasoline Tax Exemption
Utility Tax Exemption
Vehicle Tax Exemption
-Airport Taxes and Fees Update
-Information for Missions & Mission Personnel

-Eligibility Criteria
-07/23/03 Update 1: Social Security Number Pilot Program