The Family Liaison Office (M/DGHR/FLO)
Harry S Truman Building, Room 1239
Department of State
Washington, DC 20520
Tel: (202) 647-1076, or (800) 440-0397 / Fax: (202) 647-1670

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Provides leadership and management of FLO’s advocacy, programs, and services.

Division Chief (Programs and Operations)
Manages the FLO program and administrative operations and supervises two program teams.

Division Chief (Budget)
Manages the FLO budget and supervises two program teams.

Naturalization/Administrative Support
Provides administrative support to the Director and the Deputy Director and serves as general office manager.

CLO Program Officer
Manages the Community Liaison Office (CLO) program at over 200 posts, providing operational and program support to CLO Coordinators.

CLO Program Specialist
Provides administrative support to the CLO Program Officer.

Communications and Outreach Officer
Manages the FLO web sites, FLO publications, including the FLO Weekly, and coordinates FLO social media, branding and outreach.

Communications and Outreach Specialist
Provides program assistance on FLO communications and outreach.

Crisis Management Officer
Provides guidance and referrals on marriage; eldercare; personal difficulties, and supports contingency planning and post evacuations.

Crisis Management Program Specialist
Provides administrative support to the Crisis Management program.

Data Management Officer
Coordinates the collection, organization and analysis of family member data. Develops data management systems, serves as FAMER administrator and provides statistical support for FLO’s advocacy work.

Data Management Specialist
Provides administrative support to the Data Management program.

Education and Youth Officer
Provides information and resources on education options and develops programs on education and transition issues.

Education and Youth Program Specialist
Provides administrative support to the Education and Youth program.

Employment Program Coordinator
Directs the family member employment program. Advocates for family member employment and provides guidance to missions, Department of State bureaus, and other agencies. Primary negotiator for bilateral work agreements.

Employment Program Officer
Provides resources and guidance to family members on outside the mission employment and manages the Global Employment Initiative (GEI) Program.

Employment Program Officer
Provides resources and guidance to family members on federal employment overseas and domestically.

Employment and Training Specialist
Assists clients with general information on family member employment. Manages the enrollment of family members in functional training.

Employment Program Specialist
Provides administrative support for the bilateral work agreement portfolio, coordinates the Professional Development Fellowship Program and THE NETWORK Listserv.

Expanded Professional Associates Program (EPAP) Coordinator
Manages and provides information on the Expanded Professional Associates Program.

Expeditious Naturalization Assistance
Provides information and guidance on the naturalization process to Foreign Service employees and their foreign born spouses.

Training Specialist
Supports CLO training design and logistics and develops, designs, and evaluates FLO presentations.

Unaccompanied Tours Support Officer
Provides support, guidance, resources and assistance to employees and family members separated by service at unaccompanied posts.

Unaccompanied Tours Program Specialist
Provides support and administrative assistance to the Unaccompanied Tours program.

Program Assistant/Receptionist
Assists visitors and callers to the office and provides administrative support to the different programs.

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