GAMI Investments, Inc., a U.S. corporation claiming to hold a 14.18% interest in a Mexican sugar production company, has submitted a claim against Mexico to arbitration under the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules. In September 2001, Mexican authorities issued a decree for the stated purpose of revitalizing the Mexican sugar industry. GAMI alleges that, pursuant to that decree, Mexican authorities expropriated sugar mills owned by five subsidiaries of its investment. GAMI further contends that Mexican authorities regulated the sugar industry in a discriminatory and arbitrary manner.

GAMI claims that Mexico denied it national treatment as required by NAFTA Article 1102, failed to provide treatment in accordance with international law as required by Article 1105(1) and expropriated its investment without the compensation required by Article 1110. GAMI claims damages of over US$27 million.

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-11/15/04 Final Award
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-06/30/03 U.S. 1128 Submission
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