Patterns of Global Terrorism 2001

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-Preface and Introduction
[2214 Kb]

-Table of Contents and Summary Charts
[52 Kb]

-September 11 and Review of Terrorism in 2001
[60 Kb]

-Africa, South Asia, and East Asia Overviews
[208 Kb]

-Eurasia, Europe, and Latin America Overviews
[335 Kb]

-Middle East Overview
[2661 Kb]

-North America Overview
[1034 Kb]

-Overview of State-Sponsored Terrorism
[636 Kb]

-Appendix A: Chronology of Significant Terrorist Incidents, 2001
[59 Kb]

-Appendix B: Background Information on Designated Foreign Terrorist Organizations
[115 Kb]

-Appendix C: Background Information on Other Terrorist Groups
[82 Kb]

-Appendix D: Extraditions and Renditions of Terrorists to the United States, 1993-2001
[9 Kb]

-Appendix E: US Processes, Programs, Policy
[86 Kb]

-Appendix F: UN Role in Fighting Terrorism
[25 Kb]

-Appendix G: The US Military Campaign in Afghanistan
[12 Kb]

-Appendix H: Multinational Response to September 11
[34 Kb]

-Appendix I: Statistical Review
[199 Kb]

-Appendix J: International Terrorist Incidents, 2001
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