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"Our Mission: Political-Military Affairs integrates diplomacy and defense, and forges strong international partnerships to meet shared security challenges."

The Bureau of Political-Military Affairs (PM), headed by Assistant Secretary Puneet Talwar, is the Department of State's principal link to the Department of Defense. The PM Bureau provides policy direction in the areas of international security, security assistance, military operations, defense strategy and plans, and defense trade.
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White House Announces Updated Conventional Arms Transfer Policy After a two-year comprehensive review, the President approved this update to ensure that our conventional arms transfer policies support 21st century national security and foreign policy objectives. White House Fact Sheet» Full Text» DipNote»
The Path Forward on Export Control Reform Date: 02/04/2014 Description: Acting Assistant Secretary Kelly (second from right) discusses Export Control Reform at CSIS, February 4, 2014. © Photo courtesy of CSIS Acting Assistant Secretary Kelly (Feb. 4): “The goal is an agile, dynamic export control regime responsive to today’s and tomorrow’s national security and foreign policy challenges.” Full Text»
To Walk The Earth in Safety Date: 2013 Description: To Walk the Earth in Safety (2013). - State Dept ImageActing Assistant Secretary Kelly (Sept. 17): "This edition of our annual report examines how far we have come in two decades of sustained support for programs and partnerships that comprise the U.S. Conventional Weapons Destruction Program." Full Report» Media Note» DipNote»
U.S. Special Operations Command: PM's Partner in Security Cooperation
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Date: 04/29/2012 Description: U.S. Army special forces Captain speaks with troops from the Central African Republic and Uganda, in Obo, Central African Republic, Sunday, April 29, 2012. © AP Image
Deputy Assistant Secretary Kausner (June 5): "We must continue to cultivate a whole-of-government approach to building partner capacity. The unique training, regional orientation, and language skills will make the special operator an essential player in this endeavor." Full Text»
Security Cooperation Strengthens Diplomatic Partnerships Date: 06/19/2007 Description: A Boeing F-18 Super Hornet performs its demonstration flight over Bourget airport, during the 47th Paris Air Show in Le Bourget, North of Paris. © AP Image Deputy Assistant Secretary Kausner (Apr. 24): “The nature of our relationships with allies and partners in the modern world is symbiotic when it comes to defense. We are safer when partners can ensure the stability of their regions – and they are safer employing American technology.” Full Text»

Making the World Safer
Date: 06/16/2009 Description: A demining technician from The HALO Trust conducts clearance operations in Georgia. - State Dept ImageThe U.S. is the world’s leading provider of financial and technical assistance for countries seeking to build peace though conventional weapons destruction. Full Text»

Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia Launches New Website
Date: 2011 Description: Screenshot of new website: Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia.  © Screenshot of websiteThe State Department announces the launch of the new official website for the Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia, www.thecgpcs.org. Learn more»

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