The Committee established pursuant to UNSCR 1540, known as the 1540 Committee, functions as a subsidiary body of the UN Security Council to monitor and foster implementation of the resolution. The Security Council has extended the mandate of the Committee in UNSCRs 1673 (2006), 1810 (2008), and 1977 (2011) and expanded the Committee’s functions each time. The current mandate expires on April 25, 2021.

The Committee follows an annual Program of Work in an open and transparent manner, organizing its activities around four working groups covering monitoring national implementation, cooperation with other international bodies, assistance, and outreach. The Committee’s Group of Experts, which under UNSC Resolution 2055 (2012) now includes nine experts from different countries and fields of expertise, provides substantive support to the Committee’s work. The UN Office of Disarmament Affairs supplies logistical and administrative support to the Committee and its Group of Experts. For a calendar of their activities go to

As UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon noted in a December 2012 statement on UNSCR 1540, “The 1540 Committee has a key role to play in ensuring that the world is a safe place and in allowing people in every country to pursue their lives free of fear of catastrophic attack by non-State actors.” For additional information about the Committee and its work, see its web page.