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"We each have a responsibility to make this horrific and all-too-common crime a lot less common. And our work with victims is the key that will open the door to real change—not just on behalf of the more than 44,000 survivors who have been identified in the past year, but also for the more than 20 million victims of trafficking who have not.

As Secretary of State, I’ve seen with my own two eyes countless individual acts of courage and commitment. I’ve seen how victims of this crime can become survivors and how survivors can become voices of conscience and conviction in the cause.

This year’s Trafficking in Persons Report offers a roadmap for the road ahead as we confront the scourge of trafficking." -- John F. Kerry, Secretary of State

The Report

The 2014 Trafficking in Persons Report is available in PDF and HTML formats. Due to its large size, the PDF has been separated into sections for easier download. To view the PDF file, you will need to download, at no cost, the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Although we are no longer sending out hard copies of the 2014 Trafficking in Persons Report, please check back here this summer to request a copy of the 2015 Trafficking in Persons Report.

PDF Format

-Introductory Material (PDF)
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-Country Narratives: A-C (PDF)
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-Country Narratives: D-I (PDF)
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-Country Narratives: J-M (PDF)
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-Country Narratives: N-S (PDF)
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-Country Narratives: T-Z and Special Case (PDF)
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-Relevant International Conventions/Closing Material (PDF)
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Foreign Language Introductory Material

-Introductory Material (PDF) [Arabic]
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-Introductory Material (PDF) [French]
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-Introductory Material (PDF) [Spanish]
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HTML Format

-Letter from Secretary Kerry
-Letter from Ambassador Luis CdeBaca
-The Journey from Victim to Survivor
-Definitions and Methodology
-Victims' Stories
-Topics of Special Interest
-Global Law Enforcement Data
-2014 TIP Report Heroes
-Tier Placements
-Country Narratives
-Special Case
-Countries That Are Not States Parties to the Protocol
-Relevant International Conventions
-Trafficking Victims Protection Act: Minimum Standards for the Elimination of Trafficking in Persons
-Stopping Human Trafficking, Sexual Exploitation, and Abuse by International Peacekeepers & Civilian Personnel
-International, Regional, and Sub-Regional Organizations Combating Trafficking in Persons
-Glossary of Acronyms
-A Closing Note


-06/20/14 Remarks at the Release of the 2014 Trafficking in Persons Report
-06/20/14 Briefing on the Trafficking in Persons Report 2014; Ambassador-at-Large Luis CdeBaca, Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons

Fact Sheets

-06/20/14 A Day in Your Life: Touched by Modern Slavery
-06/20/14 International Programs To Combat Trafficking in Persons
-06/20/14 Journey From Victim to Survivor
-06/20/14 Media Best Practices
-06/20/14 Office To Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons: An Overview
-06/20/14 Profits and Poverty: The Economics of Forced Labor--International Labor Organization, 2014
-06/20/14 Protection Checklist
-06/20/14 The Challenges of Certification in Addressing Forced Labor
-06/20/14 The Intersection Between Environmental Degradation and Human Trafficking
-06/20/14 The 3Ps: Prosecution, Protection, and Prevention
-06/20/14 The Use of Forced Criminality: Victims Hidden Behind the Crime
-06/20/14 The Vulnerability of LGBT Individuals to Human Trafficking
-06/20/14 Vulnerability of Indigenous Persons to Human Trafficking
-06/20/14 What Is Trafficking in Persons?