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U.S. Government
Department of Commerce
-- International Trade Association
-- National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA)
-- Office of Technology and Electronic Commerce
Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
USAID Leland Initiative
U.S. Office of the Trade Representative

Non-governmental Organzations
Information Technology Association of America (ITAA)
Satellite Industry Association (SIA)
Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS)
Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA)
U.S.Telecommunications Training Institute (USTTI)

International Organizations
Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Telecommunications and Information Working Group
Independent Regulators Group (IRG)
Interamerican Telecommunications Commission (CITEL)
International Telecommunication Union
-- ITU Publications
-- ITU-D Study Groups
-- ITU-R Study Groups
-- ITU-T Study Groups
International Mobile Satellite Organization
International Telecommunications Satellite Organization
OECD Information and Communication Policy
World Bank Information for Development (infoDEV) Program
World Trade Organization