The LEND Network facilitates the sharing of best practices between approximately 60 civil society representatives, political activists, and civil servants from Tunisia, Moldova and approximately 50 international advisors from over 15 different democracies.

Administered by a working group within the Community of Democracies, which is chaired by Estonia and the United States, The LEND Network Working Group has approached governments in countries that have navigated the challenges of the democratization process and asked them to enlist individuals and organizations that played pivotal roles in their transitions. These advisors have agreed to volunteer their time and expertise to engage with leaders in the Network’s pilot countries, Moldova and Tunisia, and will also be available to leaders in countries that join the LEND Network in the future.

Relationships between advisors and the users of the LEND Network may be established in several ways:

  • an advisor can initiate a conversation;
  • a user can initiate a conversation;
  • an advisor can offer to speak on a specific topic and invite seekers to join the discussion;
  • a user can post a question and solicit advice from advisors from varying backgrounds who can speak to democratic reform across all sectors of government.

A curator, based in the Permanent Secretariat of the Community of Democracies (PSCD), is available to assist with communication at the request of LEND Network users and advisors.

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