-11/25/14 Sant'Egidio Playing Vital Role in Effort to End 30-Year Conflict in Senegal
-09/25/14 A New 'Dawn' for the Niger Delta
-07/31/14 Newsletter: Finding Creative Ways to Help Syrians
-05/30/14 Promoting Peace in Burma
-04/25/14 Defections from Kony's Army Increase
-03/20/14 Promoting a Legacy of Non-Violence in the Niger Delta
-03/19/14 Women Leaders Creating a Safer Honduras
-02/10/14 Religious Leaders Help Counter Violence in Honduras
-01/17/14 Raising Women's Voices in Syria's Conflict
-01/16/14 Progress in Countering the Lord's Resistance Army
-01/09/14 Innovative Solutions to Violent Conflict
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