Outline map of EuropeThe Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs, headed by Assistant Secretary Victoria Nuland, develops and implements U.S. foreign policy in Europe and Eurasia. The Bureau promotes U.S. interests in the region on issues such as international security, NATO, coordination with the European Union and other regional organizations, support for democracy, human rights, civil society, economic prosperity, counterterrorism, and nonproliferation.

Transatlantic Security Challenges: Central and Eastern Europe

Assistant Secretary Nuland (Apr. 10): "For over 20 years, the United States and our European Allies have worked to integrate Russia more closely into the Euro-Atlantic community through our bilateral engagement and organizations like the OSCE, the WTO and the NATO-Russia Council. Russia’s actions in Ukraine are an affront to this effort and fundamentally change the security landscape of Eastern and Central Europe. Today I appreciate the opportunity to discuss the impact of Russia’s actions on Ukraine, our policy response to their actions and other challenges in the region." Full Text»

Ukraine: Confronting Internal Challenges and External Threats

Assistant Secretary Nuland (Apr. 9): "So today Ukraine is a frontline state in the struggle for freedom and all the principles this commission holds dear. Ukraine is also replete with heroes in that struggle. It took guts for the Ukrainian people to stand up to a regime awash in unchecked cronyism, corruption and violence against its people. It took grit for tens of thousands of Ukrainians to spend weeks and months on the Maidan enduring subfreezing winter temperatures to demand dignity and a better future." Full Text» DipNote»

Travel to Moldova, Bulgaria, and Belgium

Assistant Secretary Nuland traveled to Chisinau, Moldova on March 29, where she met with senior Moldovan Government officials. On March 31 in Sofia, Bulgaria, she met with senior Bulgarian Government officials. She also participated in a roundtable with members of civil society. On April 1, Assistant Secretary Nuland traveled to Brussels, Belgium to join Secretary Kerry at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Foreign Ministerial. Trip Page»

Travel to Austria, Ukraine, France, and Italy

Assistant Secretary Nuland traveled to Vienna, Austria on March 2 to meet with senior officials of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and represent the U.S. at a Special Meeting of the OSCE Permanent Council on Ukraine. She also met with senior Austrian Government officials to discuss the range of bilateral and global issues. On March 3, she traveled to Kyiv, Ukraine, to join Secretary Kerry for his meetings on March 4. She then accompanied Secretary Kerry to Paris, France, and Rome, Italy. Trip Page»

Travel to Germany, Greece, Cyprus, Czech Republic, and Ukraine

Assistant Secretary Nuland accompanied Secretary Kerry to Berlin, Germany on January 31 to discuss bilateral and global issues with senior German Government officials. She then accompanied Secretary Kerry to the Munich Security Conference. On February 2, she traveled to Athens, Greece to meet with senior Greek Government officials, business leaders and civil society. In Nicosia, Cyprus, on February 4, she met with officials of the Cypriot Government and also met with Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot leaders. Assistant Secretary Nuland visited Prague, Czech Republic on February 5 where she met with senior Czech Government officials. In Kyiv, she met with government officials, opposition leaders, civil society and business leaders. Trip Page»

Implications of the Crisis in Ukraine

Assistant Secretary Nuland (Jan. 15): "It is my honor to appear before you today to discuss the situation in Ukraine and our response to it. These are challenging times for the people of Ukraine and for people everywhere who care about democracy, economic prosperity, rule of law and a European future for that country." Full Text» Deputy Assistant Secretary Melia's statement»

Travel to the Netherlands, Germany, Lithuania, Romania, and France

On January 7, Assistant Secretary Nuland traveled to The Hague, Netherlands, where she met with senior Dutch Government officials. She then traveled to Berlin, Germany, on January 8 to meet with senior German and other European government officials. On January 9, she traveled to Vilnius, Lithuania, where she met with senior Lithuanian Government officials. In Bucharest, Romania, from January 10-11, she met with senior Romanian Government officials and members of civil society. On January 12, Assistant Secretary Nuland traveled to Paris, France. Trip Page»

For speaking and interview requests on European and Eurasian Affairs, please fax your request to the Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs' Office of Press and Policy Outreach at 202-647-5116.

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