The Under Secretary for Civilian Security, Democracy, and Human Rights, Sarah B. Sewall, leads State Department efforts to prevent and counter threats to civilian security and effective governance, such as terrorism, violent extremism, mass atrocities and transnational crime. The bureaus and offices reporting to the Under Secretary contribute to the security of the American people and nations around the world by assisting countries to build more democratic, secure, stable, and just societies.

To achieve our mission, we work together, along with other U.S. Government agencies and foreign partners, to prevent and respond to conflict, promote peace and genuine stability, strengthen and develop the rule of law, achieve accountability for atrocities, counter terrorism and violent extremism, build democratic institutions, deepen respect for universal human rights, strengthen civilian protection and security, and advance the United States' humanitarian policies, practices, and programs around the world.

The following bureaus and offices report to the Under Secretary: