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Secretary Kerry arrived in Islamabad, Pakistan, for consultations with the newly elected civilian government and to reinforce the United States’ continuing commitment to the Pakistani people. Secretary Kerry’s discussions focused on a wide range of topics including promoting security, strengthening the Pakistani economy, and reinforcing people-to-people ties between the United States and Pakistan, in addition to regional topics of mutual interest.

While Secretary Kerry has traveled to Pakistan in the past as a U.S. Senator, this is his first visit as Secretary of State. Secretary Kerry also stopped in London, United Kingdom, for meetings en route back to Washington.



-08/02/13 Remarks With United Arab Emirates Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed Before Their Meeting
-08/02/13 Announcement on Visa Changes for Same-Sex Couples



-08/01/13 Remarks at the Iftar Roundtable
-08/01/13 Interview With Hamid Mir of Geo TV
-08/01/13 Interview With Mariam Chaudhry of Pakistan TV
-08/01/13 Interview With Farrukh Khan Pitafi of News-1 Network
-08/01/13 Remarks at Energy Event
-08/01/13 Remarks With Pakistani Foreign Affairs Advisor Sartaj Aziz
-08/01/13 Embassy Islamabad Meet and Greet
-07/31/13 Background Briefing Prior to Secretary Kerry's Visit to Islamabad, Pakistan


-08/02/13 August 02 - Friday
-08/01/13 August 01 - Thursday
-07/31/13 July 31 - Wednesday