07/21/2011 Remarks on India and the United States: A Partnership of Peoples
07/20/2011 Remarks on India and the United States: A Vision for the 21st Century
07/20/2011 Remarks to Staff and Families at Consulate Chennai
07/20/2011 Remarks on The Working Women's Forum
07/20/2011 Meeting With Staff and Families of Embassy New Delhi
07/20/2011 Background Briefing on India
07/19/2011 Joint Press Availability with Indian External Affairs Minister Shri S. M. Krishna
07/19/2011 Remarks at the Opening Session of the U.S.-India Strategic Dialogue
07/15/2011 Interview with India Abroad and Assistant Secretary Blake
07/11/2011 Remarks by Under Secretary Hormats on the U.S.-India Strategic Dialogue
07/08/2011 Webchat with Assistant Secretary Blake on Indian-American Diaspora
07/08/2011 Webchat with Assistant Secretary Blake on U.S.-India Strategic Dialogue

Press Releases
07/20/2011 Fact Sheet: The U.S. Commitment to Cookstoves in India
07/19/2011 Media Note: U.S.-India Strategic Dialogue Joint Statement
07/19/2011 Fact Sheet: Advancing our Shared Interests in Asia
07/19/2011 Fact Sheet: Education and People-to-People Ties
07/19/2011 Fact Sheet: Prosperity
07/19/2011 Fact Sheet: Security Partnership for the 21st Century
07/19/2011 Fact Sheet: U.S.-India Partnership to Advance Clean Energy, Energy Security and Climate Change
07/19/2011 Fact Sheet: U.S.-India Science, Technology and Innovation Cooperation

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Public Schedule for July 20
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