The First Lady, along with daughters Malia and Sasha, joined President Obama’s official visit to Senegal, South Africa, and Tanzania on June 26–July 2. During the trip, the First Lady met with young people and highlighted the power of education.

Connecting Continents: A Conversation with U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama

Mrs. Obama: "And one of the things that I think is so important ... is that young people all across the world ... start to talk to and share with each other and start inspiring one another across the globe. That is the beauty of technology. That’s what we should be using Twitter and all that stuff ... for you guys to begin to ... realize that you have so much in common -- whether you are in Soweto or Houston or anywhere in the world, there's so much that you all can do together." Full Text»

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The First Lady's Travel Journal from Africa

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Kicking Off Our Trip to Africa
June 26, 2013 - Washington, DC
An Example to Follow
June 27, 2013 - Dakar, Senegal
Visiting Goree Island
June 27, 2013 -
Goree Island, Senegal
My Return to South Africa
June 28, 2013 - Johannesburg,
South Africa
Connecting Continents
June 29, 2013 - Johannesburg, South Africa
Robben Island, an Experience We Will Never Forget
June 30, 2013 - Robben Island,
South Africa
A Warm Welcome to Tanzania
July 1, 2013 - Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Empowering Girls Through Education
July 2, 2013 - Dar es Salaam, Tanzania