Namakau Likando

Country: Zambia

Sector: Agriculture/Food Processing

Product/Service: Organic Agricultural Products

As manager and co-owner of Lumuno Organic Farms, Ms. Likando is committed to the protection and preservation of the environment. The company’s products are organically certified and the business is a leader in current trends of organic farming and processing, demonstrating that organic farming can be a viable business venture. She is also an advocate for women's empowerment, developing an out-grower scheme which actively promotes the participation of women who benefit from “low cost organic” farming techniques. In addition, Ms. Likando has been instrumental in introducing HIV awareness programs within the community and promoting the use of the herbs and herbal remedies in local diets. She dedicates a portion of her company’s profits towards teachers’ salaries at a local community school, ensuring continued access to education for the community’s children.

Caroline Sack Kendem

Country: Cameroon

Sector: Fashion/Handicrafts/Retail

Product/Service: Clothing Assembly

With over 17 years of experience as an entrepreneur, Caroline Sack Kendem founded Ken Atlantic, an apparel production company and one of the first textile exporters from Cameroon under AGOA. From 2010 to 2012, she served as president of ICOTEC (l'Interprofession Coton-Textile-Confection du Cameroun), and in 2012, she established a consulting firm, Ligne Rouge, to offer export strategies and expertise to potential exporters in Cameroon. Ms. Kendem recently signed a three-year contract with the Cameroonian Government to assist a network of local farmers to grow produce for export. Ms. Kendem is also a member of the Cameroonian Chamber of Commerce and president of SAARA (Solidarity and AIDS Research Association), which provides HIV/AIDS sensitivity and awareness training to businesses.

Nigest Haile

Country: Ethiopia

Sector: Management/Consulting/Promoting Women and Business

Product/Service: Promoting Women in Business

Nigest Haile is the founder and executive director of the Center for African Women Economic Empowerment (CAWEE), an indigenous NGO-based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She has written several publications on women entrepreneurs in Ethiopia, including a recently published book on challenges that women in business face. Ms. Haile serves on the board of many organizations including FEMCOM (Federation of Women Entrepreneurs of COMESA), African Business Women in International Trade, and a World Bank initiative known as the East African Women Entrepreneurs Exchange Network. She is the country focal person for the ACCESS! Program, member of the Spanish-African Women Network, and jury member of the sub-Saharan Africa panel for the Cartier Women’s Initiative awards. Ms. Haile is also the founder and board member of ENAT Bank – the first commercial women’s bank in Africa. The majority of the shares (70%) are owned by female investors, its CEO is a woman and six of its 11 board of directors are women.

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