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Date: 10/02/2013 Description: Global Fund to Fund AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria © Global Fund to Fund AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria Global Fund to Fund AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria: The Global Fund, created in 2002, is an international financing institution that fights AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria with a 21st century approach: partnership, transparency, constant learning and results-based funding.
Date: 02/25/2010 Description: HHS HHS: The Office of Global Affairs (OGA) serves as the primary point within HHS for setting priorities for international engagements and developing and strengthening relationships with U.S. Government agencies, foreign ministries of health, multilateral partners at headquarters and in the field, and with civil society and the private sector.
Date: 04/03/2013 Description: CDC logo © CDC CDC Global Health: For more than 60 years, CDC has used its scientific expertise to help people throughout the world live healthier, safer, longer lives. CDC's Center for Global Health coordinates and manages the agency's resources and expertise to address global challenges such as HIV/AIDS, malaria, emergency and refugee health, non-communicable diseases, injuries, and more.
Date: 04/03/2013 Description: PEPFAR logo - State Dept Image PEPFAR: The U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) is the U.S. Government initiative to help save the lives of those suffering from HIV/AIDS around the world. This historic commitment is the largest by any nation to combat a single disease internationally, and PEPFAR investments also help alleviate suffering from other diseases across the global health spectrum. PEPFAR is driven by a shared responsibility among donor and partner nations and others to make smart investments to save lives.
Date: 04/03/2013 Description: USAID logo © USAID Image USAID Bureau for Global Health: USAID's Bureau for Global Health supports field health programs, advances research and innovation in selected areas relevant to overall Agency health objectives, and transfers new technologies to the field through its own staff’s work, coordination with other donors, and a portfolio of grants.
Date: 04/30/2013 Description: Peace Corps logo © Peace Corps Peace Corps: The Peace Corps, PEPFAR, and Seed Global Health (formerly Global Health Service Corps) launched the Global Health Service Partnership (GHSP), a program that aims to improve clinical education, expand the base of physician and nursing educators and build healthcare capacity in countries that face critical shortages of healthcare providers.
Date: 03/27/2013 Description: State Department Seal Image © State.gov Office of International Health and Biodefense: The Office of International Health and Biodefense (OES/IHB) is a key policy office in the State Department responsible for a variety of international health issues. IHB facilitates policymaking on infectious disease, environmental health, health in post-conflict situations, surveillance and response, and health security. Their focus areas include International Health Regulations, pandemic preparedness, polio eradication, and emerging issues. IHB also promotes effective global health strategies by encouraging strong political leadership on health policy, works with other government agencies to represent the U.S. position on health matters in international fora, and assists U.S. diplomatic posts in their health-related activities with foreign governments.
Date: 03/27/2013 Description: State Department Seal Image © State.gov

Secretary's Office of Global Women's Issues (S/GWI): S/GWI, headed by Ambassador Catherine M. Russell, seeks to ensure that women’s issues are fully integrated in the formulation and conduct of U.S. foreign policy. The Office works to promote stability, peace, and development by empowering women politically, socially, and economically around the world.

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