Mission: Ensure security assistance programs in Afghanistan and Pakistan support U.S. national security and foreign policy objectives; enhance the capability of Pakistan’s security forces directly engaged in COIN operations in support of Coalition forces in Afghanistan.

Vision: To serve as a Department of State and USG resource on Afghanistan and Pakistan military and security assistance issues. To ensure that the State Department’s perspectives on security and military-to-military issues in Afghanistan and Pakistan are heard in the interagency, thereby strengthening U.S. policymaking.


  • Develop military assistance policy and manage and execute annual security assistance funding for Pakistan through FMF, IMET, and PCCF (Pakistan Counterinsurgency Capabilities Fund);
  • Work closely with other bureaus on Afghanistan security assistance in preparation for the anticipated drawdown of U.S. and NATO forces;
  • Provide appropriate State Department representation on and input into discussions on the Afghanistan and Pakistan mil-mil relationships and security issues, and contribute expertise to the interagency to meet U.S. objectives in Pakistan;
  • Ensure State Department concurrence on DoD’s PCF, CSF, and ASFF (Afghanistan Security Forces Fund) activities;
  • Coordinate with the Security Assistance Team to ensure all U.S. government requirements are being met and the Afghanistan/ Pakistan programs align with the Security Assistance Team and U.S. foreign policy writ large